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Can Canada Change a Californian to a Canuck?

9/23/11 08:48 pm - impromptu movie review

I just watched a very strange movie that I am not sure how to feel about it. Quite conflicted, but I must say, since it has inspired me to write this, the “writer” at least can inspire that.
It was a lovely piece of costume porn.
For all those that are looking at those words and have their mouth open, just a little, and the furrow line appearing lightly off symmetrical, that face just shows that you are not into costuming. When one refers to “costume porn,” they are referring to a movie or play that is only worth it to watch for the costumes. Everything else is completely beside the point; frivolous like the Rococo period. It is very rare that one comes across a period production of any time where the costuming is amazing, AND it has good writing and acting. All the talent goes in the visual aspects of the show. The sets, the scenery, the cinematography, and the costumes ( ohhhh those costumes!!!) just meld into this cozy, warm, day-dream like fantasy that you wrap yourself in like a blanket.
All of you that costume, you know exactly what I mean.
All of you that don’t, there is a movie genre “porn” for you. It I that one category of film that is a guilty pleasure that you love to watch with friends. Men are prejudiced with it being sports, and women it is romance. Yours might not be either.
I like period flix. They are my Ben and Jerry’s ice cream movies. Most of them are costume porn, and they rarely let me down when that is all that I want. Yay fluff!! But to me, they are the ultimate Ben and Jerry’s movie, because I often learn little things from the movies: history of evens, costuming (duh), turn of phrase, biography of authors, a peak into life of a time I can never experience (voyeurism, I guess). The whole biography style really gets me. I love books and movies specifically with this omnipresent narrative (like I said, voyeurism, I guess). Well you see, the movie is called Angel, and it is directed by François Ozon (who ever that is), and here is how Netflix describes it: Romola Gari plays Angel Deverell, a grocer’s daughter who writes her way to success as a [20th century] romance novelist and then falls for a libertine nobleman.
See how Netflix just reeled me into watching this movie?
For costume porn, this movie was amazing. Those of the textile persuasion, a must see. Oh these costumes were fantastic!! Not perfectly period, but pretty much everything in this movie makes me to, I want to make THAT! All the “pretty dresses” to the gritty street background actors. This would have been a dream to work on. The sets, AWW the sets! I often found myself thinking, I want that in my house, OOOh! That! I want to do that! Yeah, you can see the down fall. Evil movies like this, day-dreamery awaits. This is the point when I realise how much influence the literalists of the Romantic period really had on me. Has, really.
Anyhow, not the point, the costume porn was fantastic. The debate is not there. The debate is:
Was this movie purposely over the top romantically satirical, or was it trying to take itself seriously?
The first half of the movie is horrible. The script was beyond all comprehension. It was like trying to read an 8 year old’s version of romance. When you first meet the main character, Angel (played by Romola Garai, equally good and bad for acting, in that there are times she shines, times she looks incredibly beautiful in a non-Hollywood way, and times where her acting is so back-alley black box theatre where the drama class rejects put on their plays), you hate her. She is a spoiled little brat portrayed in a way that goes right back to that evil chick from “Little House on the Prairie”. The acting does not get better from anyone except for the publisher, who is the only actor I recognised, but I don’t know his name and he isn’t on the on-screen credits on Netflix. It really was like watching one of those Hallmark Movies, or a Danielle Steel book made-for-TV. Doesn’t matter, I keep watching because it is fantastic costume porn. Then the tragedy that you know is going to hit (which is WWI finally happening, since this is a turn-of-the-century flick).
here is where the movie changed and made me sit up and watch closer. It actually didn’t go the way that I thought it did. It wasn’t Pearl Harbour where the Romance split between two people and blah blah blah (you all know it if you have been forced to watch it). It suddenly became real. You could see the schizophrenia of the main character (a Romance writer, remember?) You can see the delusions that she wraps herself in, like the books she writes, and that she really does not see what is happening, but the writer/director wrote is so that you did. You saw both. You saw that overly romantic view of her world while behind her back, her life is shattering. Then you see her shatter. The writer/director actually throws a rock right through her glass house and shatters all her dreams, and they did a fantastic job.
The movie just went from one of the worst movies I have ever made myself watch (and with costume porn, there is a LOT of them) to possibly one of the most shocking movies I have experienced because I did not expect it at all. Only something rather well written and acted could fool me so well.
That is, if that is what they were trying to do. Make a mockery of the romantic books and movies completely in the first half, and show what life was really like? It would have been great way to portray Marie Antoinette because I think that the way that the main character was is exactly the personality that the beheaded queen of the French Revolution would have been. I’m am actually rather sad that the character was not Marie Antoinette just because of how perfectly the affect would have been, and now much more of an office draw the movie would have garnered.
So I write this, and to settle my brain from all the confusion that has just rattled through my grey matter this last 20 minutes, I’m going to post this and sit back and watch another 20th Century period flick, To the Edge of Love. Another WW (this time II) romantic costume porn, but promises to be much more strait forward, brainless piece of fun fluff.
Because, dammit, my craving was not fulfilled; that last piece of fluff made me think!!!!

1/9/10 02:00 pm - Oh hello...

Yeah, so I haven't written in here in ages, but I feel the need to write somewhere this.
It really sucks just cooking for one person and looking down the road that the future and seeing that all the recipes that I want to try just won't float with the person I have decided to spend my future with. Therefore, if I am still desiring cooking these recipes in the future, I'm still going to be cooking for one.
I really want to start meal planning. I'm tired of walkign through the store unsure of what I will be making for dinner and just grabbing the same old stand-bys because I know that they will feed me. I know, I know. My schedule is INSANE and I am only home with enough time to brush my teeth go to sleep, wake up, maybe make coffee and head out again, but there are times when I really wish that I could have fully cooked meals every night instead of a sandwich, which I also had for lunch. I don't do well with eating the same thing everyday. I just don't.
I guess that I could meal plan for those nights when I am home, but usually I end up spending those nights curled up on my couch reminding myself just how much I miss it and then falling asleep before I realise that I am not in bed.
Well, two new resolutions for this year;
- Leave the wheat for the bread. When making anything else, use corn, oat, or almond. They work better anyhow and they are more nutritious for you!
- If I am craving carbs, chances are I actually want my dark leafies, so snack on some broccoli, cabbage, kale, spinich, or brussel sprouts. Better for you anyhow, and actually satisfies your nutritional craving. If I still want bread in a half hour, it is a comfort thing and curl up to warm toast with honey. *nods lots*
* on the same note, craving chicken, eat almonds. Works just as well!

10/28/09 03:34 pm - Research much?

By now we have all heard of it, and people are lining up to go and get the vaccine. People have heard the risks, and for the most part, they don't care. It just isn't important to them because the chance of them being affected by one of the side affects is so rare, there is cause for worry.
But I have two friends that are pregnant that are contemplating getting the shot. I know that I have no right to tell them what to do, and I understand that they are getting recomendations from doctors and from the media that it is important for pregnant women to get the shot because the risk involved for thier child if the mom gets sick is higher than the risk of the side effects of the vaccine.
But does the doctors weigh the difference in the affect either direction?Collapse )

9/20/09 08:19 pm - Just to let you all know...

...that even though I haven't posted anything, I haven't forgotten you all!

4/9/09 12:06 pm - in pain...

I have this knot in my back under the scapula that is pulling a vertibrae out of allignment and making it so that it hurts to use my left arm. This is the second day of this. It sucks.
It is either that or I am having a heart attack that is lasting two days...I will know when I finish drinking even more coffee.
Mmmm coffee...

3/18/09 11:58 pm - the move

Last night at my grandmother's so the next leg of the trip is from near Boise to near Chico starting in about 5.5 hours from now. Lord, I can't sleep. I never can before a drive. The thing is that everyone in my family keeps telling me that I should go the Reno route, which is a way I abhor going. I can't stand the road between Winnemucka and Reno. Now, I love the Flying Pig, and it is tempting to go that way just for the BBQ, but it will add time to the trip and it is a way that I hate.
Hell, last time, I drove up I-5 and crossed the gorge just to not have to deal with Nevada. That added three hours to my trip. That is how much I don't want to go that way.
Now, this new way, I haven't been on before, so it is bound to be more interesting than the way that I have gone on average 3 times a year, round trip, for each year of my life. Bleh. Something new please!
PLUS, this route, according to all the sites that I have been to is not only faster, even only being able to do 55 in Oregon on the roads, but shorter distance. So why would I go the other way? with the load that I am carrying and the fact that I had to put a super hot spark plug in cylander 4 which decreases my gas milage, I don't want to be going much faster than 60 anyhow. So why not go the new way, eh?
As long as I can pull over and take naps if need be, and get gas regularly, and have something NOT salt flats to look at for hours on end, I think that I will be happy.
Plus, I get to FINALLY see my nephew!!!!!!!!

3/7/09 07:22 pm - My move

So I guess that I should explain.
My paperwork didn't go through because of the reccession, so that means that I have to return to the states. I was thinking Seattle, but I would still have to scrounge up rent until I found a job, and I have no money. So my parents' in Cali it is, because I won't have to pay rent there. I'm not happy about this. I want to stay. I have a life here that I love, but alas, there is nothing that I can do about it. There is just moving on with life.
The thing that sucks is each time I think I have a friend coming over to help me pack, the call and cancel. Man, is it hard to pack by yourself. It is just depressing.

3/3/09 12:05 am - announcement

I'm moving back to Cali around the 15th.
See you then, si possible.

2/6/09 11:34 am - wait a second? equality?

Anyone notice that while there is a lot of spam about how to help getting it up, there isn't any about birthcontrol? If you're going to be having more sex, shouldn't it be balanced out by population control? I mean, where's the balance?

12/30/08 11:34 am - Passing on

My uncle died this morning.
The funny thing is that he just found out he had cancer yesterday, and he passed away quietly this morning without pain and suffering usually paired with cancer.
He was my Grammy's little brother and this man loved his Studebakers. Huge collection that I used to run around in when I was little. It was this huge warehouse filled without 50 of them, mostly not in running condition, but he loved to save and protect. Him and his wife took the back half of their dental office and made it into a local museum where people donated memorabilia from the area, including a dog tag for a dog license that found its way up to Alaska and a man sent it back down. It was from the 30s or something like that. I loved meandering around the museum, seeing my Grammy's wedding gown and all the small shoes and gloves women used to wear. They were so much tinier then!
I also remember that he used to make me these plaster animals with the left over casting plaster from people's teeth. Now, he was a great dentist. He is the only dentist I trusted and he pulled a tooth for me when I was little. It didn't want to come out. He was such a great dentist that the city didn't want him to retire. In fact, they kind of bullied him into almost another 5 years of working because they couldn't find another dentist that the prison boys trusted! Imagine that...I mean, no one likes a dentist, especially those incarcerated because they usually get the worst treatment with saline based Novocaine, but not my uncle.
I won't be able to go to the funeral, but that is to be expected. Even if I could leave the country, having the money for the trip would be unlikely.
But I will miss him, his bowls of candy everywhere (which was torture because he had diabetes!), his laugh, playing cards (he was a shark that one), and going out for rides in one of his beautes, but he lived a good life, had a great wife, and was more than well loved.
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